TaxAid – helping vulnerable people sort out tax problems

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TaxAid is a charity that helps people who perhaps can’t afford accountants, to sort out their tax affairs.  A recent article in Taxation magazine highlighted some stories of people TaxAid has helped, here is one of the stories:

“Take Greg, who one morning found a bankruptcy notice on his doormat. His mental capacity had been seriously impaired after an attack of bacterial meningitis and his troubles increased when his wife left him, taking with her the contents of their bank account.

Greg had worked as a self-employed electrician but his reduced capacity left him unable to deal with administrative matters, resulting in ten years of outstanding tax returns and determinations, a debt of £17,450 and a court hearing scheduled for the next week. Fortunately, Greg’s brother was on hand to introduce him to TaxAid

In Greg’s case, TaxAid helped him complete his outstanding tax returns, appeal against the late filing penalties and file a claim for special relief to displace the determinations with the figures in the returns. The claims were accepted by HMRC and Greg’s debt reduced to nil”

TaxAid are working under the banner “Bridge The Gap” – more details, including how to donate if you are interested in doing so, can be found here: