Grow your business – Part 3 – Your Priorities

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The most profitable small businesses all have one thing in common:  The owners’ personal objectives are congruent with their business strategies.

Our third tip in our Grow Your Business series is to look at what really matters to you.  You can then keep these priorities in mind as you plan your business.

As a prompt list, how important are the following to you personally, and does your business reflect these priorities?

1. Increasing sales to existing customers
2. Getting new customers
3. Expanding your range of products and services
4. Improving quality and service
5. Reducing your costs
6. Energising your team members
7. Having a written strategic plan
8. Having a detailed budget
9. Getting accurate and regular reporting of budget to actuals
10. Knowing and tracking your Key Performance Indicators
11. Improving cash management
12. Reducing debt
13. Knowing how you’re doing compared to others in your industry
14. Having a succession plan or exit strategy
15. Using new technology to improve productivity
16. Having everyone follow uniform systems for all processes
17. Having greater flexibility with work hours
18. Taking more time off
19. Funding your retirement
20. Protecting your family against your death or disability
21. Funding your children’s education
22. Protecting your business with funded cross-purchase agreements
23. Building your personal wealth
24. Building community values and trust
25. Reducing carbon pollution or other environmental damage
26. Providing or supporting education or health services
27. Supporting charities and social enterprises