57 Ways to Grow Your Business: 15 – Build a Helpsheet System

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Many of your customers will face similar business challenges, so develop a helpsheet system. Here’s how it works:

  • Write a one-page list of helpsheets covering topics which are of interest to customers
  • While a customer is waiting to see you, have your receptionist hand him/her a clipboard with a list of the helpsheets and a request to “please check off the ones you’d like and I’ll print them out for you”
  • The receptionist then puts together a promotional pack, including the selected helpsheets, and brings it to you. You can then give it to your customer – this should lead to a broader conversation and additional opportunities
  • Also, provide your customers with the facility to request your helpsheets online and encourage them to use this option

Here is a suggested list of helpsheets for a solicitor’s office:

  1. Is your will up to date?
  2. Do you have a living trust?
  3. Does your business have a buy-sell agreement?
  4. Forms of doing business – pros and cons
  5. Do you need an estate plan?
  6. Education plans for children and grandchildren
  7. What’s your business exit strategy?
  8. Minimising and managing risk
  9. Asset protection opportunities