GA SEVENS training sessions

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The GA SEVENS training session series is now well under way.  The sessions so far have been held at Hub Kings Cross in London.  Future events will be at other locations in London and Oxford.

The sessions held so far have been Tax and Accounting part 1.  These were held on 8 December 2010 and 27 April 2010.  These sessions covered:
1 What is “self employed”?
2 Trading as a sole trader or limited company?
3 Bookkeeping and record keeping.
4 Business agreements and insurances
5 Tax deductible expenses – general principles
6 Basic payroll and benefits
7 Basic VAT and how to avoid common errors

The next session is “VAT and Payroll” and will be held at Hub Kings Cross.  This will be on 7 June 2011.  This session will cover:

1 VAT registration including voluntary registration.
2 VAT schemes and completing your VAT return.
3 Which expense VAT can be reclaimed?
4 VAT when selling to non-UK customers.
5 Registering and procedures for running payroll.
6 Tax free benefits for employees.
7 Year end payroll forms and procedures including P11Ds.
Session focus: avoiding common tax and business mistakes

These are free lunchtime sessions running from 1pm to 2pm and are open to anyone.

To book your place contact or call 01865 582064.

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