57 Ways to Grow Your Business: 30 – Wow Your Customers

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“WOW” service can be observed when a customer doesn’t just say “thank you”, but “you were fantastic!”

Good service isn’t enough anymore – you need to “WOW” your customers.

For example, if you don’t have a particular product in stock, offer to find it, get it and deliver it, even if you have to buy it from a competitor! This type of “WOW” service wins customers for life. If you track the lifetime value of a good customer, you will find that this kind of extra effort almost always pays off.

Develop a “WOW” process for your company.

Here’s an example from a professional services firm:

  1. Each new (prospective) customer is sent directions to the office
  2. An assistant calls to confirm the time and location of the meeting and to find out what the customer likes to drink (during office hours!)
  3. A space is assigned in the car park and a sign says “Reserved for Mandy Maxwell”
  4. When Mandy Maxwell arrives, the receptionist stands up and greets her warmly
  5. The receptionist already knows what Mandy likes to drink, so doesn’t need to ask

What would it take for your customers and prospects to say “WOW”?