57 Ways to Grow Your Business: 24 – Write Articles

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One way to gain exposure and credibility is to write an article for an industry publication.

  • Make the article highly readable and full of practical tips – stay away from technical jargon (unless that’s what readers crave!)
  • Come up with a title that will capture people’s interest. Including numbers in the title will usually do this, for example:

– How to Shed 10 Kilograms Before Summer

– 7 Steps to Looking Your Best

– 13 Most Common Financial Mistakes Retirees Make

– 12 Ways to Boost Your Internet Sales

– 5 Steps to Getting the Best Deal on a New Car

  • At the bottom of the article, ask for a “footer” which identifies who you are and what you will send the reader. For example:

“Jenny Davies is a well-known dietician and fitness trainer. Call 0875 xxx xxxx for a free copy of her new recipe book, 100 Ways to Eat Happy”