Our VAT service in more detail:
  • Reminders for your VAT actions
  • Easy to use VAT information checklist
  • Checking you are using the best VAT scheme for you
  • We ensure all claimable VAT is claimed (e.g. pre-registration VAT).
  • Checking whether deregistration is beneficial
  • Reconciling VAT return figures to your bookkeeping and accounts
  • Advising on correct VAT treatment of transactions
  • Prompt turnaround – VAT figures within one week
  • 24/7 secure online access to all documents we prepare
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VAT Returns – Agenda:
  • Return prepared within one week
  • All bookkeeping checked
  • Comments on any errors found
  • VAT effect of grant income
  • VAT on international transactions
  • VAT account fully reconciled