Our company accounts and support service in more detail:
  • Tax saving actions prior to year end
  • Full checking of your bookkeeping and bank statements
  • Practical actions to correct any errors found
  • Meeting to present and discuss the accounts and advice
  • Clear explanation of all figures in your accounts
  • Discussion of your monthly income and expenditure
  • Four Annual Accounts documents:
    • Your detailed accounts with four years figures
    • Statutory accounts required for legal approval
    • Balance sheet for Companies House
    • “iXBRL accounts” required by HMRC
  • Tax calculations and tax return
  • Detailed advice on business and tax opportunities
  • Salary and dividend optimisation
  • Online storage and sign off of all documents  (we’re fully paperless)
  • Accounting adjustments updated to your bookkeeping
  • We deal with HMRC and Companies House for you
  • Prompt work completion


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Company Accounts – Agenda:
  • Annual face-to-face meeting
  • Increasing income and profits
  • Healthy finances
  • Understandable advice
  • Tax saving opportunities
  • Avoiding tax pitfalls
  • Think about environmental impacts
  • What would I do in your position?