We deliver our payroll service in a way that ensures the employees’ personal data is protected and can be sent to and from us securely. This procedure is outlined below.

Sending the monthly pay information to Green Accountancy

We provide a template spreadsheet for you to complete each month. Once completed you can upload this to our secure file sharing system (ShareFile) ready for us to process the payroll. We would recommend that you do not send this to us by email as this is not considered secure.

Payroll ready for your review

Once we have processed your payroll information (normally within 48 hours) we will upload a detailed summary of the payroll and full details of the payments you need to make to ShareFile. You will receive an email informing you that this has been done. If any changes are required please inform us prior to your payment date so that we can revise this in time.

Employee Payslips    

We upload the payroll information to PayDashboard and the payslips will become visible to your employees once your payment date has passed. Your employees will receive an email notifying them that the payslip is ready each month. They will be able to access their payslips and print them if needed at any time by logging into PayDashboard. You will need to ensure that the employees’ email address are set up on PayDashboard so that they can access their payslips. Further information on setting up PayDashboard can be found here.