We work with many individuals providing their self assessment tax returns and answering tax related questions.  We prepare tax returns from clients’ records which can be in any format.  Full details of all tax return entries, the tax computation and return are provided in PDF format for review.  We then answer all questions and comments, and make amendments if further information is provided.  Once signed off, we submit all tax returns and computations to HMRC, directly from our system.

Our tax return and tax advice work always involves a full review of all income sources and assets.  Our reports can then be used as a basis for discussion with an independent financial adviser (IFA).

We produce letting accounts for many clients.  This can include detailed advice about the (sometimes surprisingly complicated) rent a room relief scheme.  We can help ensure that you are claiming the correct relief for interest charges and other costs.  Our advice often includes how to deal with joint lettings in the most efficient way for tax including completion of the relevant claims for joint income splits.

We have a thorough knowledge and understanding of capital gains tax.  This includes business sales and all of the associated reliefs.  Also we advise individuals on how to arrange assets and transactions to avoid paying unnecessary capital gains tax.

We help people working overseas including UK nationals away from the UK and non-UK nationals working in the UK.  This includes providing employee administered PAYE schemes and completing forms relating to arriving in, and leaving, the UK.  We fully understand and advise on UK tax in relation to non-UK domiciled individuals.

We prepare a full range of tax returns including all types of income and gains.