….a person who may be interested in advice about accounting, taxation, business or environmental matters.

Green Accountancy work with people in all sorts of circumstances.   People and types of entity that work with us include:

Many clients are not for profit (or not entirely for profit) entities.  These include companies limited by guarantee, community interest companies and charities.  We understand the need to manage finances and tax effectively and accurately even when social, ethical or environmental considerations outweigh profit motives (as indeed they do for us).

Individuals not in business may need help with letting accounts, income tax advice and planning, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax.  People come to us with queries about payroll taxes.  We help people working overseas including both UK nationals away from the UK and non-UK nationals working in the UK.  We prepare a full range of personal and corporate tax returns including all types of income and gains.

For businesses there are many different trading formats available.  Each format has different regulations, different accounting requirements and different tax calculations.  The format that is right for you depends on your circumstances and plans.

Please speak to us at any time about the best business format for you.