Green Accountancy invested in a 2kW solar photo voltaic (pv) system in March 2010.  This system is powered by 16 square meters of solar panels installed on a roof top.

We have found that over one year our solar pv electricity generated was in excess of 2000 kWh.

We calculate that based on current usage our electricity use per year is less than 800 kWh.  This is based on our laptop computers in daily use, office fridge and kettle throughout the year, lights throughout the winter period and shared electricity usage in the common area of our office building.

We recognise that the solar electricity generated peaks in the summer, and the electricity used peaks in the winter (through use of office lights).  It is known that UK electricity use during daylight hours far exceeds renewable source electricity.  Therefore our excess solar pv electricity generated during daylight of the summer, which is transferred to the grid in excess of the electricity we use, is reducing use of non-renewable electricity in the UK as a whole.