Please complete the following checklist of your personal tax information.

Tax year information relates to
Individual name
Email address
Marital status
Residence status
Number of days spent in Scotland during the tax year
Number of days spent in Wales during the tax year
Did you receive any of the following income types during the tax year?
Employment income YesNone
Sole trade YesNone
Letting income YesNone
Dividends YesNone
Bank interest YesNone
Other investment income YesNone
Pension received YesNone
Pension contributions made
Child benefit received
Foreign income YesNone
Capital gains YesNone
State benefits YesNone
PPI compensation YesNone
Any other income
Do you have a student loan balance still outstanding YesNone
Do you have any joint bank accounts YesNone
Do you have any investments during the tax year that qualify for EIS. If you did you should have received the form EIC3 so that you can claim the tax relief. YesNone
Have you made any charitable donations that were subject to Gift Aid? To claim Gift Aid you must make a declaration to each charity you want to donate to through Gift Aid, this is normally done by ticking a box on a form. YesNone
Please enter the estimated date that you will have uploaded all documents by

For any income type where you have chosen ‘Yes’, please upload supporting evidence to your Tax Year 2015 folder on ShareFile or send by email or post, whichever is easier. Green Accountancy will file the tax return after all fees have been paid.


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