Green Accountancy is focused on high quality accountancy and taxation services.  We are dedicated to providing a top quality, straight forward service to owners of small and single person businesses, charities and social enterprises.

Our tax and accountancy advice is LOW RISK.  This means that whilst minimising your tax liabilities we ensure your risk of problems with any authorities or regulator are as low as possible.  We give you peace of mind that you are meeting your requirements and not exposing yourself or your organisation to avoidable risk of compliance checks or problems.

We work in modern well insulated office.  Our employees all commute by bus, car share or using waste veg oil to fuel.  We generate more renewable electricity than the total electricity we use.   We are friendly and happy team of accountants and trainee accountants.  We provide an excellent level of service and give practical understandable advice.

Why Green Accountancy was formed
Many business people have, over the years, shown genuine appreciation for our services.  Time and again we have been thanked for taking more time and responding more quickly than other accountants.

We found that some business people want to assess, improve and publicise their efforts to reduce environmental impacts.  Others have been reluctant to discuss environmental issues, as they have either thought there is little they can do; taking action would involve cost; or they did not know where to start.

Having attained qualification in environmental conservation, we felt that we could combine our accountancy skills with our environmental knowledge.  We quite simply provide a great accountancy service and supplement this with advice on how to reduce environmental impacts.

Ongoing support
We keep the communication channels open.  Recognising that we can’t be on many telephone calls all at once we have implemented our simple guarantee of responding promptly to all messages and emails by the end of the next working day.  We also include unlimited communications in most of our fee packages.

Many of the organisations that we work with record their financial records using either our free bookkeeping spreadsheet or our online bookkeeping system.  A copy of the spreadsheet can be emailed to us on a quarterly basis, or we have access to your data if using our online system.  We review your data and respond within 5 days of receipt of information.

This constant review of your financial records allows errors and comments to be fed back to you at a very early stage.  Inevitably your accounting records will improve.  The feedback also summarises and describes your business’ financial performance and position.  Many people find this quarterly review to be the best accountancy proactive advice they have ever received.

At year-end your bookkeeping spreadsheet or data file is sent to us, usually by email.  If the data has been checked regularly throughout the year then the only surprise you will have is how quickly the year end accounts are prepared and returned to you.

Our annual procedures ensure that all valid points are reported back to you systematically.  This contrasts with the traditional haphazard chat that many accountants indulge in each year end.

Special events and projects
Occasionally you may require advice in addition to your quarterly and year end work.  Examples include budgets and cash flow projections; new software; share and option transactions; special tax work.  Our advice in these areas is no-nonsense, practical and understandable.  People comment that their understanding of potentially complex situations is made possible by our clear and concise explanations.