Many companies face increasing pressure to recruit, retain and motivate the staff they want.  Staff resources are often a limiting factor in expanding a business.  Genuine concern for the environment creates a positive staff culture from a sense that employers are caring and have long term goals.

Staff turnover is hugely expensive.  Each time an employee leaves and a new employee is taken on there has to be some sort of handover period.  This disrupts work, unsettles colleagues, creates the need for more training and generally reduces the efficiency of your business.

By addressing your businesses environmental policies you are very likely to be improving your employees’ attitude to your business.  You will often find that staff are keen to help take part and promote your businesses environmental activities.

Ask staff to switch off monitors, car share and use recycled paper.  Commit your business to counting its carbon emissions.  These are just a few small examples that really can help bond your team and motivate your number one resource: your employees.

Banks and investors
Banks and external shareholders want to invest in sound businesses.  By future proofing your business and showing your commitment to running a well managed operation you are showing intent that permeates throughout your business activities.  This will help encourage investment when it is needed.

It is important to your customers that your business is on a sound footing and will be around in the long term.  Your commitment to responsible business practices will send this message.

Some businesses worry that “green business” has a negative image in terms of price.  This is overcome by highlighting the costs savings that can be passed on to customers, and by ensuring your customers know your price structure in clear and unequivocal terms.

Tenants and landlords
A business’ property and working environment is vital to its success.  Your working relationship with your property landlord, if you have one, and with any tenants or sub tenants you may have is crucial to a smooth running operation.  Attitudes and integrity form the basis of these relationships, and are shown amply in your environmental policies.