There are four very good reasons for protecting our natural world:

  • It’s a great place to be: nature is fun, exciting and real.
  • It’s the only one we have: air, water and food are vital.
  • It helps us: the world provides mega resources for our use.
  • It’s our legacy: future generations rely on us to preserve it.

We are qualified in environmental conservation, but we are not professors of climate change or ecological experts.  What we do know is that scientific evidence clearly shows that climate change, pollution and habitat destruction are causing thousands of species to become extinct, and it is affecting nature right here in the UK.

By reducing our carbon emissions, resource usage and waste, and by buying from companies that do the same, every business can make a difference.

Individuals, local authorities, government and other countries can all do more, but that does not stop us from taking positive actions.

And no, it’s not too late.  There is huge scope for protecting valuable habitats, for reducing carbon emissions and shifting to a sustainable way of living for everyone.

By considering your business activities in terms of environmental impact you can make a difference to the world.  Just like voting, cheering a football team or paying your tax: when each individual takes a small positive action, the effect is enormous.