The fundamental reason for reducing your business environmental impact is to reduce habitat destruction, resource usage, pollution and climate change.

The most direct and immediate benefit your business will see is an expanded market for your goods and services.

In a survey published by the Carbon Trust*:

  • 74% of people think businesses are not doing enough to cut their carbon emissions and tackle climate change
  • 64% are more likely to use a business that claims to have a low carbon footprint
  • 67% are more likely to buy a product with a low carbon footprint

Attitudes are changing, and therefore by definition not everyone is yet concerned or proactive in terms of the environment.  But many millions will be inspired now that powerful figures such as Rupert Murdoch and his huge media empire are beginning to show their green credentials.

We believe that individuals that are unnecessarily driving huge 4×4 vehicles or “super cars”,  flying more than once per year and purchasing air conditioning before insulation are suffering a 20th century hangover.

So, will your business be up to the challenge?  Reducing your environmental impact will help you grow your business now and survive in the future.

Contracts and tendering
Public attitude affects your business even if you do not supply directly to the public.  Many organisations at all levels throughout the UK now require their suppliers to have an environmental policy.  This may be because the organisation is operating an environmental standard or actively discouraging profligate business practices.  Every supply chain ultimately provides goods or services to the public.

*Survey conducted amongst 1159 consumers from across the UK by GfKNOP in October 2006