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Xero offers a wide range of helpful training videos and courses to assist you with using the software. We have put together a list of the videos we consider to be most useful:


Getting started

Get up to Xero-speed – A collection of 12 2-5 minute videos covering essential Xero features

Day2Day – Using Xero – 40 minutes

Day2Day – Basic Bookkeeping – 20 minutes

Xero Expression Session – 45 minutes


The following categories provide an overview video of the subject and then many further videos on each specific area within the subject. If you would like to know more about something you heard about in the summary video, please find the corresponding video in the list on that page.


Sales and invoicing – 3 minutes

Manage bills and purchases in Xero – 3 minutes

Bank reconciliation in Xero – 3 minutes

Expense claims – 2 minutes

Reports in Xero – 1 minute


Other interesting videos

Automating your workload – 3 minutes

Smart lists in Xero – 3 minutes

How to read the management report – 12 minutes