Employer’s liability insurance


If your business employs one or more people it is a legal requirement that you have employer’s liability insurance. There can be significant fines if you are not covered.


Employer’s liability insurance can protect the company against the cost of compensation claims due to illness or injury sustained as a result of employees work for you.


Public liability insurance


Public liability insurance can protect your company if members of the public or your clients suffer personal injury or property damage due to the actions of your business. It can pay towards the costs of legal expenses and compensation claims.


Professional indemnity insurance


Professional indemnity insurance can protect your business against accusations that you have provided inadequate advice, services or designs to a client. This will cover you for the legal costs involved in defending the claim and provide compensation to your client if a mistake needs to be rectified.


Key man Insurance


Key man insurance is taken out by a business to protect itself against the death of critical illness of a key employee.