Once a company is formed it then has a duty and responsibility to submit a number of documents to Companies House. One such document is the Confirmation Statement, formerly the Annual Return. As the name suggests this must be submitted on a yearly basis, which will normally fall on the anniversary of the incorporation of the company.

The purpose of the Confirmation Statement is to inform Companies House of any changes made within the company during the year. This may include:

  • Change of the registered office.
  • Appointments, resignations or change of details of the company’s secretary and directors.
  • Change in the company’s shareholders.

The Confirmation Statement does not contain any accounting information. Green Accountancy files online where possible. This saves on paper as well as reduces filing fees charged by Companies House. The online filing fee for Confirmation Statements is £13.

Green Accountancy will keep detailed records of any changes made within your Company during the year. We will then send you a company summary as your Confirmation Statement date is approaching. You then simply confirm that the details are correct and we will then file your Confirmation Statement with Companies House. With our service you will never be worried that you will miss this deadline as we will take care of all this for you.