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If yes, please confirm the date you started trading
Has your company ceased trading?* YesNo
If yes, please confirm the date you ceased trading
Please confirm that in your opinion the business is a going concern. This means that you expect the company to continue to trade. You should consider this for the period of at least one year from the date the accounts are signed.* YesNo
Do all bank accounts in your bookkeeping agree to actual bank statements? * YesNo
Does the company have any of the following bank accounts? If yes, please send us the statements for the year
Current account* YesNo
Savings account* YesNo
Credit card* YesNo
Paypal* YesNo
Did the company have any petty cash in hand at the year end?* YesNo
If yes, please confirm the amount
Did the company have a loan or overdraft at the year end?* YesNo
Have you reviewed the debtors in your bookkeeping and confirm they are correct?* YesNo
Are there any bad debts?* YesNo
Do you hold any other assets such as rent deposits?* YesNo
Is there any work in progress at the year end (work done but not invoiced)?* YesNoNot sure
Is there any work invoiced in advance at the year end (work invoiced but not done)?* YesNoNot sure
Have you reviewed the creditors in your bookkeeping and confirm they are correct?* YesNo
Did you receive any purchase invoices after the year end which relate to services or goods supplied during the accounts year?* YesNoNot sure
Was there any expenditure paid in advance of usage at the year end, for example rent or insurance paid in advance?* YesNoNot sure
Do you have any non-sales income such as grants or rental income?* YesNo
If you receive grants, do any have repayment terms? YesNo
Is your entity VAT registered?* YesNo
If yes, do Green Accountancy prepare your VAT returns? YesNo
If yes, are your VAT returns prepared on a cash or invoice basis? CashInvoiceNot sure
If yes, and you prepare your VAT returns under the flat rate scheme, please confirm the percentage you use
Do you have any long term liabilities (more then one year)?* YesNo
Do you have any commitments to continue paying rent or equipment costs in future years?* YesNo
Do the directors intend to charge interest on any loans they have made to the business?* YesNoNot sureNo loans
Have any goods been taken out of the business for private use?* YesNo
Are there any contra items (goods or services exchanged with no cash involved) or barter transactions (goods or services supplied in return for consideration other than money)?* YesNo
Does the company have any inter company balances or management charges to other businesses?* YesNo
During the year, did any shareholder provide services to a client in excess of £1,000 per month for more than three months of the year?* YesNoNo shareholders
Please confirm whether the company had any of the following insurances during the year*
Employer's liability YesNo
Public liability YesNo
Professional indemnity YesNo
Keyman YesNo
Has the company received or expects to receive any compensation or insurance claims relating to this year’s activities? YesNo
Please confirm the fixed asset register in your bookkeeping is up to date YesNo
Please confirm if any fixed assets have been disposed of during the year YesNo
Did the company hold any stock at the year end? YesNo
Is your entity PAYE registered?* YesNo
If yes, does Green Accountancy prepare your payroll? YesNo
If yes, did you employ any students during the year? YesNo
Please confirm if the company made any pension contributions during the year* YesNo
Are any provisions required in the accounts (a liability of uncertain timing or size)?* YesNo
Have any major events occurred within the business since the year end passed?* YesNo
Please confirm that any travel or subsistence claims are solely business related and does not involve commuting* YesNo
Are any use of home as office claims to be made for the year?* YesNo
Are any mileage claims to be made for the year?* YesNo
Do you have any commitments to continue paying rent or equipment costs in future years?* YesNo
Additional Comments including further details on any questions above


Please upload your bookkeeping (if not online), bank statements for the year and any supporting evidence to your ShareFile folder.

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